NP Strike

North Penn teachers continue to walk the picket lines and I continue to wonder what this will accomplish.   The strike will push the school year back to the end of June and it's created an atmosphere of intense mistrust between the two sides.   The board thinks the teachers can't justify their bargaining position and a strike brings pressure on them to cave.   The teachers seem to be targeting board president Vince Sherpinsky as their primary antagonist.   He rose to community prominence as the head of the North Penn Taxpayers Association back in the 90's, but now has a teaching position in the Council Rock school district (highest paid teachers in the state).   If the NPEA is looking for parity with CR---hang on to your wallet!  There was an election last November, Sherpinsky and his ticket won handily. The NPEA endorsed a single candidate, who didn't come close to finishing in the money. With the current economic climate, I don't see the teachers moving closer to winning the political argument by hitting the bricks. Bottomline is that the strike doesn't move the two sides closer to an agreement.  Teachers might be right back on the picketline in September.

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