Election Wrap

My apologies for not having blogged more regularly.  My hope was we'd have the ability for the readers of this to post comment below---that hasn't happened yet, so I'll just have to get over that disappointment and move forward.   The election nationally produced the expected result.   Barack Obama is a symbol for many in this country in ways that I as
a white person can't comprehend.  But I can accept that his election is historic and has an impact far beyond the political arena.   The fact the country has elected a black man as
president speaks well to how far we've come as a society since the days of slavery and
Jim Crow.   But it remains to be seen if Barack Obama is up to the job.   It seems to me we
could be getting another Jimmy Carter or perhaps he shifts the political dynamic the way Reagan's election did in 1980.  Only time will tell.   John McCain's campaign was so bad that I sometimes was under the impression he didn't want the job.   One talking-head provided an interesting insight saying McCain is much more effective when he's the underdog and he relates with characters that face insurmountable odds.   In some ways he seemed destine to lose.   His most effective communication was probably his concession speech and when that's the highlight of your campaign it's never a formula for
success.  Obama's claim to be post-partisan will be put to the test.   He'll get plenty of heat from Congress to be partisan and the Democratic majority is such that he doesn't need the GOP to push an agenda.   The American people with much faith and hope have just made a huge gamble and we should all be hopeful it pays off.   I will soon follow up with some thoughts on the local election results in Montgomery and Bucks Counties. 

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