Montgomery County Commissioners: Strange Bedfellows

The Montgomery County Commissioners have developed the very definition of a dysfunctional relationship.   The coalition government is an alliance formed between
R-Jim Matthews and D-Joe Hoeffel, which leaves R-Bruce Castor as the de facto minority
commissioner.   As the commissioners discussed creating a new ethics policy at last week's meeting, the bickering reached a crescendo.   Castor, Hoeffel and Matthews all took swings.   I'm not in a position to determine the impact on Montgomery County government, but it seems like the kind of squabbling best left to a back room as opposed to the regular meetings.  It's the kind of thing that happens when running mates really don't like each other.   Matthews and Castor didn't like, or trust one another while they were running together in '07.   Hoeffel will discuss this and more on today's 'Comment Please by Univest' program.   I don't expect them to sit together at a Phils game anytime soon---but a little more civility at the Commissioners meetings wouldn't hurt.

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