Parents Accused Of Starving Boy

Montgomery County authorities accuse a couple of nearly starving their six-year-old son to death. 48-year-old Victor Ramos and his 37-year-old wife Olaifa of Fourth Street in Bridgeport are charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child and other offenses.

Prosecutors say the boy was taken to Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia in March weighing only 29 pounds with no body fat and his skin flaking off, and he could not walk, because he was not given proper nutrition for normal development.

Doctors say he looked more like a three-year-old than a six-year-old, and it’s one of the worst cases of malnutrition they have ever seen, similar to what you might find in Third World countries where many children are starving.  The hospital notified authorities and the child is in protective custody.

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