Police Find Man Hiding in Bushes After Car Chase.

An East Greenville man faces a slew of charges after police say he led them on a high speed chase and then a foot chase. Towamencin Township Police say, the incident happened Wednesday morning around 2:30 when an officer pulled over 23-year-old David Yenen. Police say, Yenen got off the turnpike and was spotted by an officer driving at a high rate of speed on Sumneytown Pike. The officer pulled over Yenen and was walking toward Yenen’s vehicle when he turned on the ignition and took off. Police say, Yenen ditched his car at Orvilla road near Weikel road and started running toward Welsh road. Officers caught up with Yenen on Clearview Street in Hatfield Township hiding behind some bushes just before 3:30. Police say, Yenen refused a blood test and consistently uttered profanity at officers. A breathalyzer showed Yenen was drinking alcohol. Police discovered Yenen was driving with a suspended license. Yenen, who faces an October 8th hearing, faces 11 charges, including reckless driving and eluding police. He’s in jail after failing to post bail.  

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