Man Faces Trial in Fla. Accused of Snapping Photo of Boy

An incident that happened in Florida last August results in trial for a Lansdale man. Prosecutors in Florida planned a trial for April 6th, but trial has been changed to June 30th. Orange County prosecutors accuse, 60 year old, Joseph Cionzynski of taking photos of a boy in a bathroom at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

He’s charged with one count of second degree video voyeurism against a child younger than 16. In early November, Cionzynski plead not guilty. On the morning of August 2nd, an 8 year old boy reported that a man reached under his bathroom stall and snapped several pictures. Police say, the boy was able to identify Cionzynski by his shoes. Cionzynski faces 15 years behind bars in convicted. Police confiscated his phone and initially did not find any pictures of the boy, but an extensive search of the phone turned up photos of the boy. 

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