Police Target Aggressive and Inattentive Drivers

Hatfield Township Police and other local police departments will be looking for aggressive and inattentive drivers throughout the remainder of the summer.

Hatfield Township Police Traffic Sergeant, Favid McCreesh says, one of the dangerous and bad behaviors people continue to engage in behind the wheel is sending and receiving texts. McCreesh offers a stark reminder of what happens when someone is texting while driving.

“The average text takes about five seconds. We’ll take a road like 309, speed limit is 50 miles per hour, so in five seconds you’re traveling well over the length of a football field. While you’re distracted you are looking away from the road ahead of you. You are using your hands. Your cognitive behaviors are concentrating on your texts not your driving. Your physical behaviors are concentrating on your texts and not your driving and your visual. Basically, the care is going down the road like a bullet without any control.”

McCreesh says, through two PennDot campaigns, police are targeting aggressive and inattentive drivers on Route 463 and Route 309. McCreesh was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Thursday morning.


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