And So It Goes....Darryl Berger

TWO TO WATCH IN MONTCO   With the races for Governor, US Senate and Congress dominating the political spotlight the campaigns for state legislature aren’t getting much attention.  The R’s need to swing just a few seats in the state house to gain control of that body and a stronger position in the congressional redistricting process.   Two seats targeted in this area include the 70th and the 151st.  Matt Bradford is a freshman in the 70th and facing the man he unseated two years ago, Jay Moyer.  The 151st is represented by Rick Taylor---in his second term and facing the man he narrowly defeated 2 years ago, Todd Stephens.  I actually think both seats could go R next Tuesday.  Many of the Democratic votes Taylor and Bradford received in the last election were the result of the Obama-factor.  I’m not sure enough of those voters show up next week to save the incumbents.  Both state committees have been spending big bucks in the campaign to push their boys over the finish line.  It’s not a stretch to think control of the PA house could rest with the outcome of those two local contests.  The brightest among you will follow those results and much more locally by listening to AM-1440 and wall-to-wall election coverage at 8pm! next Tuesday night when we begin

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