Madonna: PA Budget Situation Better Than NJ, NY, Others

GovernorCorbettFranklin and Marshall College Center for Politics and Public Affairs Director Terry Madonna says Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s budget, which calls for no new taxes and deep spending cuts, is a dramatic departure from the budgets of the last five governors. “This governor really does want to transform the nature of state government away from non-essential services. He believes that the private sector is the engine of growth, not government, that government is bloated, that government has hindered growth and development and even among Republicans, namely Ridge and Thornburgh, his budget is a major departure.”

Doctor Madonna says Pennsylvania’s budget situation is nowhere near as bad as it is in New York, New Jersey, California or Wisconsin, and Corbett (pictured here) clearly wants to get government out of the way, reduce the burdens on business and let free enterprise work.  He appeared Wednesday on the WNPV talk program Comment Please by Univest.

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