Ex PLCB Chair: Sell State Stores

Wine_and_SpiritsFormer Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Chairman Jonathan Newman supports privatizing the state stores. He says state government has many legitimate functions, but selling wine and spirits to the public is not one of them.

“There’s something kind of undemocratic and a bit socialist that the state is telling you what products to buy, limitations in so many areas, and people that enjoy fine wine and spirits in most other states have a much greater selection.  I say it’s time to treat adults as adults, not children, and private industry can do this much better than state government.”

Newman says privately owned and operated wine and spirits stores will bring consumers not only a better selection, but also better prices and better service from more knowledgeable employees.  Based on experience in other states, he says that’s indisputable.  He appeared recently on the WNPV talk program Comment Please by Univest.

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