Souderton Murder

The Indian Valley today is trying to come to terms with a heinous crime.  9 year old Skylar Kauffman was murdered and her body stuffed into a dumpster behind her Souderton apartment complex.   These are the kind of stories that are disturbing when they happen somewhere else.  When it hits this close to home it hits awfully hard.  As someone who believes the death penalty is just punishment in extreme cases, Skylar's case seems to be one of them.   With the alleged killer in custody, DA Risa Ferman will have to assess the circumstances.  I have no doubt she'll seek the ultimate punishment if she has the opportunity.   Just a couple of weeks ago, while on Comment Please by Univest, Ferman spoke about her passion for protecting kids from those who would try to harm them.   At this writing I have scant few facts about how this incident occurred.   However if there aren't mitigating circumstances ( I can't imagine what they would be), the perpetrator needs to suffer the harshest penalty.  That's getting ahead of myself.  I hope for eventual justice.   For now there is just lots of pain, for a family and community.

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