Bob Mensch and the Wild Frontier

I suspect we'll soon hear about State Senator Bob Mensch appealing his conviction on disorderly conduct charges for displaying a gun to another motorists in Berks County earlier this year.   He was found guilty earlier this month and has 30 days to file an appeal.  I think the Senator should explain the incident to his constituents via the media.   His only comments about the incident have been very brief and I think the details deserve a complete airing.  Mensch had not one, but two hand guns in his vehicle at the time of the 'incident' with a fellow motorist along I-78.   He had the necessary permits for the guns, but this isn't the Wild West were disputes are settled at the end of a pistol.   The Senator isn't a cabbie working the 'bad section' of town.  He works the halls-of-power in Harrisburg.   Does he really need to be 'packing' for his personal safety?  Perhaps he's waiting for the court proceedings to end, which is fair.  But eventually Senator Mensch needs to fully explain what happened and some related issues before he can ever put this 'incident' behind him. 

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