Montco Congressional Seat

I'm probably on a short-list of people who give any thought at all about Congressional Redistricting.  The shifting of congressional boundaries is being worked right now and the GOP is in control of the process.  Montgomery County came out on the short end of the redistricting process 10 yrs ago when it was split up and what had been it's district of primary influence, the 13th, was almost equally divided between Montgomery and Philadelphia.  I'm hoping this year's process will once again return the 13th to Montgomery County, because the county deserves to have it's own voice in DC.  The population in Montco dictates some areas going into other congressional districts, but the 13th should all (or at the very least mostly) be within the county's boundaries.  Apparently some models have portions of the North Penn and Indian Valley areas winding up in Bucks County's 8th district.  I'm hoping the GOP undoes the great injustice (for which it was responsible) of a decade ago and return the 13th to Montgomery County.

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