GOP Presidential Candidates

Sometimes I think I'm living on a strange planet in a parallel universe.  Why isn't it obvious to everyone that the Republican Party needs to nominate a Governor for President.  Many would argue that Obama's problems stem from lack of experience.  He had a short stint in elective office and none as an executive.  While listening to a panel of pundits on a cable TV show I can't remember, it completely escaped them that the incumbent had no executive experience and the ideal candidate to oppose him would have a track record of accomplishments from an executive office.   Rick Perry becomes a better choice than say, Sarah Palin, because she quit before her term expired.  Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney and perhaps eventually Chris Christie may occupy viable spots in the GOP spectrum of hopefuls.   I'm hopeful that at some point during the campaign, that the candidate's record becomes an important part of the political dialogue.

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