National Talk Show Host Weighs in on F.C.C Media Study

The recent controversy stirred up by the Federal Communications Commission concerning a study of the media has fallen flat on its face.

The F.C.C. study sought to visit newsrooms across the country with the installation of cameras to determine how stories are selected and covered. Jim Bohannon, who can be heard on WNPV weeknights at 10pm, weighed in on the subject.

“A bald faced violation of the 1st Amendment it was, but they backed off of it after someone read them the first few words of the 1st Amendment. I even goes beyond the arrogance of it, right down to the naiveté of thinking anyone would buy in to this notion.

Bohannon, a guest on the AM Edition Thursday morning, believes the Obama Administration also bypassed the 1st Amendment when it targeted tea party groups.

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