Fitzpatrick Calls For Cutbacks in Entitlement Programs

Bucks County Republican Congressman, Mike Fitzpatrick continues to quiz President Obama about entitlement programs.

Fitzpatrick says, the nation’s defense is being compromised because the President will not talk to lawmakers about the issue.

“Why is it there are plenty of food stamps and no jobs. What is it we can do to reform the system to make sure the generosity of the American people is not being taken advantage of. Those issues are not being dealt with and Republicans are being vilified when we try to reform the system. Those dollars are needed on the Dept. of Defense side. O he’s not willing to talk about reform or have slight reductions in entitlement programs, you have to find the savings somewhere and the President has decided to find the savings inside the American military.”  

Fitzpatrick adds, it’s important to take care of people who truly need help. Fitzpatrick was a recent guest on the WNVP’S AM Edition.

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