Casey Calls on House To Pass Unemployment Relief

Pennsylvania U.S. Senator, Bob Casey continues to urge his colleagues to pass emergency unemployment benefits.

On Monday, the Senate took a step forward, by passing a bipartisan bill, which will provide families and individuals the needed emergency unemployment benefits. Casey recently spoke on the Senate floor over the issue.

“It’s time we did the job we’re elected to do is to put this emergency unemployment program back in place to give people just a fair shot, nothing else, that’s all they’re asking for. A fair shot to find work and support their families and to be a part of this economy and part of this country in the world of work that they were so much a part of most of their lives.”

It doesn’t look good as the bill now heads to the House. House Speaker, John Boehner has been a steadfast and vocal critic of the bill. Boehner says, the bill will hurt the economy.

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