McCord Looks For Big Numbers Through Grass Roots Strategy

The race for governor in Pennsylvania is heating up with State Treasurer, Rob McCord claiming that a strong grass roots strategy will get him elected.

McCord says, he will further two issues and that he the experience to carry the goals associated with those issues.

“whether it has to do with a higher minimum wage, whether it has to do with but a 10 percent not 5 percent drillers tax. I don’t why we would leave hundreds of millions of dollars in the pockets of drilling companies and also the personal and professional experience I have. The professional experience of having created or helped create thousands of jobs right here in Pennsylvania. Helping business leaders. The professional experience of having run and won statewide.”  

McCord, a guest on Comment Please By Univest Monday afternoon, says his grass roots campaign has been able to connect with 470,000 people who pay dues to an organization, with those groups endorsing his candidacy.

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