Congressional Candidate: Middle Class is Getting Squeezed

He’s says he’s the only candidate that’s not a millionaire in the race for the 13th Congressional District seat.

Northeast Philadelphia resident, Brendan Boyle says the middle class is under siege. Boyle says there’s very few elected officials in D.C. watching out for the needs of struggling families.  

“Despite working more hours than ever before, your average middle class family actually has lower income today than 10 years ago. It’s the first ten year period that its happened. The gap between the wealthiest 1 percent, people such as Mrs. Margolies and the other 99 percent of us is greater today than at any point in American history.”

Marjorie Margolies, State Senator, Daylin Leach, and Valerie Arkoosh are also seeking the democratic nomination for the 13th District Congressional seat. Boyle was a guest on the AM Edition Wednesday morning.

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