Primary Election Winners Can Look Ahead to November

The battle for the Democratic nomination for Governor proved to be a cakewalk for Tom Wolf. The York businessman used the strategy of massive television ads to win over voters.

Wolf also funded his campaign with his own money, an estimated 10 million dollars. While Wolf’s money was viewed by many as a difference maker, political pollster, Dr Terry Madonna, says another important factor helped Wolf.

“Voters did not see him as a politician, certainly not as a career politician and that proved to be huge, particularly in a time when politicians are generally not liked or trusted.”

Wolf received more than 57 percent of the votes. Allyson Schwatz, Rob McCord, and Katie McGinty were the other candidates running in the primary.

Brendan Boyle is likely headed to D.C. after his primary win. Boyle says, hard work, along with the support from 200 volunteers and trade unions helped him overcome early odds.

“When I started this campaign, we were behind Marjorie by 32 points, according to polling. But we fought hard and explained our position to voters that working families need a voice in Washington. Our campaign didn’t have the money and influence of the other candidates, but we prevailed because of our message.”

The 13th Congressional District seat has been traditionally held by a Democrat. Dee Adcock, who won the Republican primary, will face Boyle in November’s general election.

Kevin Strouse won the 8th Congressional District primary over Shaughnessy Naughton in a close race. Strouse will face a difficult challenge in November when he goes up against Bucks County Republican Congressman, Mike Fitzpatrick.

The Democratic primary in the 145th District for State Rep. went to Karen Chellew.

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