Gerlach: Cover Up at I.R.S

Montgomery County Congressman, Jim Gerlach is angry over the missing e-mails at the I.R.S.

He says, former I.R.S. Administrator, Lois Learner could be facing criminal charges, but now e-mails have gone missing.

“A scandal beyond words that we’ve come to the point in our Republic’s history, where a congressional committee or committees can rightfully subpoena the records in the Executive Branch, and there’s purposeful efforts to get rid of the records. It’s a crime and we’re going to have to dig very very hard to find out why this is happening and prosecute people for doing it.”

Gerlach says, he doesn’t believe e-mails were accidentally erased. He believes thee is a cover up that conservative groups were targeted during a crackdown on non-profits.

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