Former CIA Agent: U.S. Should Not Take Sides in Iraq

The fighting between Shiites and Sunnis has been somewhat one sided. The Sunnis are backed by the violent Islamic group ISIS.

Former CIA agent, Clare Lopez says, they want to create an Islamic state in Iraq and institute Sharia law.

“As they’ve rolled through these different territories, they’ve not only picked up support in terms of man power from Sunnis who live in these regions, but also a lot of the equipment, that we, the Americans, have left behind. Hummvees, vehicles, artillery, you name it. They’ve also robbed banks.”

Lopez, a guest on the AM Edition Wednesday morning says, the best approach for the U.S. right is to not take sides and protect embassy personnel. Lopez says, it might be necessary at some point to evacuate the staff. Lopez says, the U.S. should still maintain an intelligence presence in the region to know what both sides are planning.

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