Boyle: Pa. is Missing Out on 3 Billion Dollar Surplus

The budget battle continues in Harrisburg with State Rep. Brendan Boyle calling on Governor Corbett to create a tax on natural gas drilling and to put an end to corporate tax cuts.

Boyle says, when Corbett and others say we can only spend the money we take in, it’s technically true.

“But it’s also misleading, because it leaves out the fact that through those two other sources, accelerated corporate tax cuts and the refusal to enact a natural gas extraction tax, those two sources alone, we would have 3 billion dollars more today than we otherwise would have and we would be talking about how to spend the surplus.”

Boyle also says, it would be a huge mistake to privatize liquor stores. He says, Pennsylvania’s State Stores bring in 520 million dollars a year to the state.

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