Bradford: Pension Reform Possible, But Not with Governor

The battle in Harrisburg between Governor Corbett and lawmakers is still simmering over the lack of movement on pension reform.

Can pension reform became a reality at some point in the future? The devil is in the details according to State Rep. Matt Bradford

“The Governor is really have a tough time getting out of neutral. What has been on the table at this point wouldn’t provide savings for the next four or five years for Pennsylvania. So I don’t think that’s real pension reform. I do think something can get done and should get done. Can a Governor that’s down 22 points four months before an election get it done. Does he have the political capital. As indicated by the political leaders in his own party, he’s not the most effective.”

Bradford, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Monday morning, says he does not support liquor privatization. Bradford believes measures can be carried out at state store to enhance service to customers.


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