Author: Obama's and Clinton’s…Foes, Not Friends

Ed Kline, author of "Blood Feud: The Clinton’s Vs The Obama’s” says, the rift between the two political families is a deep divide. 

While accusations have been made, accusing Bill Clinton of being a racist. Kline says, an event that elevated the feud to a new level happened in 2011 when Bill Clinton and Paesident Obama agreed on a deal while playing a game of golf at Andrews Air Force Base.

“That Bill would back Obama in 2012, if in return Obama promised to back Hillary in 2016, and Bill thought he had a deal. He went ahead a made that speech at the convention we all know about and then expected Obama to hold up his end of the deal, but he didn’t.

Kline says, the media is not fond of his book because he says they failed to get the story first. kline also says, after Obama was elected the first time, he shut the door on the Clinton’s. After his second election, a rift developed between Obama and one of his staunches supporter’s, Oprah, and the rift still stands to this day. Kline was a guest on Comment Please By Univest Wednesday afternoon.

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