Governor Corbett Talks Pension Reform on WNPV’s AM Edition

Governor Tom Corbett continues to hammer home the importance of passing pension reform. Corbett was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday morning.

Corbett acknowledged that pension reform has some worried about what will happen to their pensions when the day comes that a pension reform bill is passed. Corbett face questions from teachers in Erie, Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

“I had one of the teachers get up and complain that we’re trying to impact his pension. No, we’re not, actually we’re trying to save the pensions of both the state employees and the teachers and everybody by fixing this now. The bill as it is right now does not impact any present teacher or retiree.”

Corbett supports a pension reform bill crafted by State Rep. Mike Tobash that would create a new pension system for new state employees.

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