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Time to Clean House Those of us who have watched, with disgust, the unhinging of our society have an opportunity to stand and be measured. Born to a generation where hard work was rewarded, where honesty and trustworthiness were character traits held dearly, not to be compromised, our world has changed. Our Government now employs a Sec. of the Treasury who broke tax law, rewards bad behavior with bailouts, Congressmen are under scrutiny for ethics violations & tax evasion, State Legislators under indictment, and a whole host of supporting government characters from Philadelphia’s City Council member, Carl Green, (Phila. Housing Director), to The Delaware Port Authority’s Board, etc., etc., etc. are incrementally destroying this country. Our world is spinning out of control. The people we employed to uphold our laws and system of fairness have degenerated into a pathetic, chaotic group of misfits.  Lying and broken promises are now accepted, as long as they come from Washington, Harrisburg or Trenton. Fat salaries, benefits, and special treatment are granted by our elected royalty to our elected royalty while we get the bill. The hope of an Obama presidency to change this culture has disappeared. Nothing changes unless we, the citizens, implement the change. We, and only we, can stop this criminal behavior. Term limits, imposed by  the electorate, is the only change we need. The reason why we have elections every two, four, and six years, and the purpose behind the founding fathers wisdom in requiring re-electing was to give us the opportunity to clean the swamp. For too long we have been derelict in our responsibility, we have not lived up to the expectations of our Founding Fathers. They knew that from time to time those elected to office would act irresponsibly and we would have the right to remove them. That time is now. As November 2nd approaches much will be said and promised by those seeking our trust, our vote, and they must be held accountable.  Remember this, elected office was never meant to be permanent, never meant to be a career. Stand up, be counted, send the message that we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take this abuse anymore. John DiPrimio     

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