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10-27-10     So, you’re the Moderate!   You vote 98% of the time with the liberal leaders of your party.   You voted for and carried the water for Obama’s healthcare plan. The largest, most expensive, and most controversial program ever.   You support card check.   You support amnesty, sanctuary cities, and you are against border security.   You support the pending Cap & Trade legislation, which if passed will result in higher energy cost for us all.   You approved $1.5 Trillion in spending to bail out banks, car manufacturers, & insurance companies with little or no oversight.   You were there to spend more of our money on cash for clunkers.   You believe in higher taxes so you can spend more on programs that favor those who keep you in office.   You want to close Guantanamo Bay and bring these terrorist & enemy combatants to our shores, our cities, and give these enemies of our country our rights.   So, you’re the moderate?   Allyson Schwartz, if you’re a moderate, I’m Santa Claus.   Just because you call yourself a moderate doesn’t make it so. You may be a moderate if you are comparing yourself to Pres. Obama or Sen. Bernie Sanders, but, by any other definition you are not moderate, you are as liberal as they come.   Allyson, don’t run from the truth, embrace it, be one with it, shout it out loud, “ I’m a Liberal, damn it, I’m an extreme Liberal”.  And, “I believe the government can run everything better than the private sector can”.   Trust me, Allyson, you’ll feel much better if you stop trying to cover up your true identity. Truth will allow you to pop out of your gofer hole more often. Popping your head out of your hole only when you need to get re-elected has become too obvious. However, it does bother me that while in your subterranean world you are wreaking havoc, undermining our economy, & our republic.   Allyson, if you think no one is paying attention, guess again.   So, you’re what passes for a moderate. God help us!    

John DiPrimio
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