Two Bills in State House Call For Tax on Gas Drillers

A severance tax on gas drillers was the subject of a hearing in the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee Monday.


Cruz Primed For Coming Primaries; Clinton Looking For Trust

In what was an expected outcome for the winners in New Hampshire, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, a 3rd place finish for Ted Cruz was a win, according to Dr. Randall Miller, political watcher and history professor at Saint Joseph’s University.


Governor Wolf’s Budget Address Focuses on 2015-16 Budget

Governor Wolf says sooner or later the rent comes due and with that he outlined areas where Pennsylvania is deficient including a two billion dollar deficit and poor financial ratings in a budget address that didn’t deal with the current budget but, instead, focused on the lingering budget for 2015-16 that is still in limbo, with a line-item veto.


Madonna: Cruz Deserved Win, Trump Will Rebound

Political pollster Dr Terry Madonna weighed in on the Iowa caucuses.


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