Vereb on Wolf: “We’re Going To Be The Leash on This Dog”

Just one day after Tom Wolf’s Gubernatorial victory over Governor Corbett, State Rep. Mike Vereb went on the offensive in connection with what he and other lawmakers believe Wolf will do with taxes as Governor of Pennsylvania.


Roll Call: Mid Term Elections Bleak For Obama Admin.

Elections across the country Tuesday predict a bleak outlook for the Obama Administration, according to Steve Dennis with Congressional Quarterly’s Roll Call.


Wolf Ousts Corbett….Wins Bucks and Montgomery Counties

Tom Wolf is the 1st challenger in 40 years to unseat a standing Governor for reelection and only the second man from York County to win the seat.


Poll Shows Corbett Made Gains, But Wolf is Still in Front

The Keystone poll shows that Governor Corbett has chipped away at Tom Wolf’s lead.


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