Lt. Governor Calls on Montco. To Follow The Law on Marriage

Pennsylvania is taking Montgomery County to court over the issuance of same sex marriage licenses. Another elected official has now aired his views on the subject. Pennsylvania Lt. Governor, Jim Cawley says, the law is being ignored.

“The simple truth of the matter is, the law of the land right now, as passed in the mid 1990’s by both houses of the legislature and by the Governor that in this state, marriage is the union between a man and a woman.”

Cawley was a guest Wednesday on Comment Please By Univest.
Cawley adds, the state’s lawsuit against Montgomery County has nothing to do with the morality of gay marriage, but following the law.

State Rep Looks For Stiffer Penalties in Copper Thefts

The theft of scrap metal is the subject of a hearing. Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee, State Rep. Bob Godshall says, some businesses are getting hit hard.

“Verizon for one, has said last year their loses have run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Two bills have been crafted for stronger penalties, and for scrap metal dealers to document the purchase of copper

State Rep. Wants Tougher Sentencing For Child Porn

A bill sponsored by State Rep. Marcy Toepel calls for more prison time for people who download and disseminate child pornography. Toepel says, it’s been happening for many years.

“In 2001 there were 16-hundred individuals were convicted of disseminating or possession of child pornography. In just one month the Attorney General identified 28-hundred active internet addresses downloading child pornography in Pennsylvania in one month. They’re very slick, the move around, changing their IP addresses.”

House Bill 321 passed in the House. It’s now in the State Senate for consideration. Toepel cites two recent cases for stronger laws. Last week,  a Lansdale man was charged with 100 counts of child porn and an assistant wrestling coach at Neshaminy High School was accused of downloading 50 images of young girls performing sex acts.  Toepel says harsher sentencing is needed. Toepel was a guest on the  AM-Edition Friday morning.

Sen. Toomey Critical of Obama Admin. On Syria Diplomacy

Pennsylvania Senator, Pat Toomey says, the military’s actions in Egypt in shooting people in the streets is crossing the line, but he says, diplomatically, the U-S should support the military because it will provide a more stable form of government. Toomey also commented on the situation in Syria on Wednesday morning’s AM-Edition with Darryl Berger regarding the use of chemical weapons

“They used chemical weapons last month and now there are reports of more chemical attacks. President Obama warned the Syrians that there would be consequences, but yet again nothing happened in response.”

Toomey calls the Administration’s actions on foreign policy with Syria flawed. He says, if you make a threat, you have to stand behind it.

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