Wolf Continues to Tap Montco. For Administration’s Success

Montgomery County Commissioner Chairman, Josh Shapiro was a member of Governor Wolf’s Transition Team. Former County Commissioner, Leslie Richards, is now the PennDOT Secretary, and in an effort to fill the office of State Treasurer, Governor Wolf has again looked to Montgomery County to fill a role in state government.


Commonwealth Foundation: Wolf in Tough Spot with Unions

Governor wolf’s budget makes big promises, from more education funding to lower property taxes, but there’s also reason to be suspicious of Governor Wolf’s negotiations with four unions.


Professor Questions President’s Behavior During Nuke Talks

LaSalle Political Science Professor and Templeton Fellow and Co-Chair of Templeton’s Center for the Study of Terrorism, Ed Turzanski, says during the nuclear talks with Iran, President Obama didn’t seem to put Iranian officials on the defensive.


Mensch Sponsors Bill To Allow Lottery Sales in State Stores

State Senator Bob Mensch has crafted a bill to allow the sale of lottery tickets in State Stores. Mensch says, the bill calls for sales of lottery tickets at the counter and by way of the new lottery machines.


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