Political Analyst: Nation Differs with Pres. On Syria

Political analyst, Dr. Chris Borick says, most Americans do not support military intervention in Syria and he doesn’t think the President’s interviews today and address to the nation Tuesday night will sway public opinion.

“As much as I give the bully pulpit of the Presidency a lot of power in terms of moving the public, on this issue, I doubt, very much, that he’s going to sway a large majority of Americans on his position.

Borick is the Director of The Center of Public Policy at Mulhenberg College in Allentown and was a guest on the Monday afternoon Edition of Comment Please By Univest on WNPV.

Expert Says Secret Meetings Could Defuse Syria Troubles

The on going waiting game with Syria’s chemical weapons changed over the weekend when the United States and Russia agreed on a deal to secure and destroy the chemical weapons. Dr. Tom Kolsky, Professor of Political Science at Montgomery County Community College, joined Darryl Berger Monday afternoon on Comment Please By Univest.

“The problem is, you have to positively identify where they are because we cannot solve this problem for them. What could perhaps do is dismantling of the biological/ chemical warfare element and then us that as a jumping point to maybe creating some kind of secret discussions between the parties.”

Kolsky adds, the fighting may continue in Syria among the factions until they’re exhausted, then talks could begin concerning their domestic differences.

Stephens: We Need The Right Investigators on Child Abuse

State Rep. Todd Stephens continues his quest to make sure children are protected and when something happens to a child, the right professional should be in place to carry out an investigation.

“The District Attorney’s Office, the local police department or children in youth, handling that investigation, rather than a person who may be the leader of an organization, who may be very astute in what they do, but are not very well versed in this area.”

Stephens has crafted legislation requiring mandatory reporting of child sex abuse. Stephens was a guest Monday morning on the WNPV Program Security Advisors on Radio.

Pa. Sec. of Welfare: People Can Get Health Coverage in Pa.

Reforming the State’s Medicaid system in the midst of the Affordable Health Care Act is a priority for the Corbett Administration. Secretary of Welfare, Beverly Mackereth says, there’s been a lot of confusion, but for people in Pennsylvania who are not insured, plans similar to state employee policies are available.

“We’ll have people come in through the Federal exchange, they would be able to get the essential benefit package and that would meet their healthcare needs. The Federal dollars would used to pay for those costs.”

Mackereth was a guest on Comment Please By Univest Wednesday afternoon with Darryl Berger.

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