Sen. Casey: Economy Could Soar With Agreement on Spending

The country can’t afford a government shutdown, according to Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Bob Casey. Casey, a guest on WNPV’s AM-Edition Thursday morning with Darryl Berger, says both sides need to come together.

“If we have a government shutdown and or we have a problem with the debt ceiling and we go in to default, the economic consequences are almost hard to imagine and describe. It would be a recession for sure or even a very bad recession.”

Casey adds, if lawmakers can come to an agreement on the debt ceiling, the economy would likely expand, creating more than 200-thousand jobs a month.

Transportation Funding: Priority in New Legislative Session

One of the top priorities for lawmakers in Pennsylvania’s Legislative Session that begins today(Monday) is transportation funding. State Rep. Kate Harper says, there’s a reason the issue has languished on the vine, but she believes some type of funding for roads and bridges will get done.

“It’s a long term view and it’s difficult to get House members, like myself, who run every other year, to focus on the long term when you’re never more than six months away from an election. I think people are justifiable nervous, but I actually have faith in the voters that they understand that we have to take care of our infrastructure.”

Harper says, bridges in particular, are too old and need to be replaced. Harper was a guest on the AM-Edition Monday morning with Darryl Berger.

Author On AM-Edition Provides Putin Insight

Author, Ben Frank, who has written several books about Russia and traveled to the country, has a new novel out called “Klara’s Journey.” It’s about his aunt’s experiences in the Russian civil war and how she fled the country. Frank offered his insights on the former Soviet State and how some things have changed, but how other facets of the government reflect the old guard.

“Some have changed. People have some freedoms that they never could have enjoyed under previous leaders. They can travel freely, but getting involved in democratic endeavors can lead to trouble. After all, Putin was a member of the feared KGB, Putin was not pleased with the way the former Soviet Union came to an end. He believes things went too far. Today, Putin is similar to a Czar.
Frank calls Putin a modern day Czar. Frank was a guest on the AM-Edition with Darryl Berger Monday morning.

Author on Pa’s Bonusgate on Comment Please By Univest

The Author of the book “Keystone Corruption” was a guest on Comment Please By Universt Monday afternoon. Brad Bumstead says, he was inspired to write the book while covering bonusgate trials, which landed a number of legislative leaders in prison.

“Really a hundred years or more of Pennsylvania corruption.”

Bumstead documents misdeeds back more than a century to construction of the Capitol Building itself when he says the misuse of public funds caused the cost to increase from 9 million dollars to 13 million dollars.

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