Politics Play Out in Centre Co. With Castor in The Mix

Montgomery County Commissioner and candidate for Montgomery County District Attorney, Bruce Castor has been sworn in as a Special Assistant District Attorney in Centre County.


Fired Aide in State Attorney General’s Office Speaks Out

Judge William Carpenter, who has been presiding over the case of whether State Attorney General Kathleen Kane leaked Grand Jury information from a 2009 Philadelphia case, is now looking into Kane’s firing of top aid, James Barker, who testified in front of a Montgomery County Grand Jury in connection with the investigation.


Public Employees Could Lose Pension For Job Related Crime

Should a public servant or public employee in a pension plan be able to collect the pension if they commit a felony that’s related to their job.


Sustainability: A Growing Ideology on College Campuses

A paper released by the National Association of Scholars cites the use of the word “sustainability” as a way to promote issues, ranging from social justice to global warning.


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