Arkoosh Selected To Fill Vacancy on County Commissioners

Her run for the 13th Congressional District in the Democratic primary fell short, but Dr. Valerie Arkoosh has been offered a different avenue of political life after being selected to replace Leslie Richards on the Board of the Montgomery County Commissioners.


Ellis Will Run For County Commissioner If Nominated

Tom Ellis is looking for an endorsement, and if he gets it, he’ll run for a political office that’s familiar to him, Montgomery County Commissioner.


Bono Looks To Run Sheriff’s Dept For Another Term

Sheriff Russell bono says he’s not a politician, but he says his work in his law enforcement over the last 43 years can’t be questioned, that’s why he wants to retain the post.


State of The Union Address Perceived as Defiant and Cocky

The President’s address to the nation Tuesday night touched on topics that were no revelation to Congress.


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