Philadelphia Phillies


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Upcoming Broadcast Schedule

July 1 vs. Milwaukee 6:30p
July 2 vs. Milwuakee 6p
July 3 at Atlanta 7p
July 5 at Atlanta 1p
July 6 at LA Dodgers  9:35p
July 7 at LA Dodgers After Ipigs
July 8 at LA Dodgers After Ipigs
July 9 at LA Dodgers After Racing
July 10 at San Francisco

After Racing

July 17 vs. Miami  6:30p 
July 18 vs. Miami  After Racing 
July 20  vs. Tampa Bay 6:30P 
July 21  vs. Tampa Bay  ** 7p
July 28 at Toronto  **  7p 
July 29  at Toronto 6:30p 
July 30 vs. Atlanta  7p 
July 31 vs. Atlanta  7p 
** Joined in progress


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