Hello Blog

I'm just now taking the first few steps into the world of blogging.  Hopefully you'll come to
this place frequently as it is my intent to update it on a regular basis.   I'll hold off on offering my views on the political landscape---local and national...price of gas...Lindsay
Lohan...ect, for another time.   I'll reserve this space for an overview of the new
WNPV web site.   Obviously it's been long needed and this site creates a much more
interactive experience.  The entire NPV  staff is committed to making it as relaventand fun as possible.  You can tell us if it is not.   We owe much thanks to the good guys at
Sitecats in Souderton for helping us through this process.   John Ralston and his team
have been great partners and we've been lucky to hook up with them.   The station point-man on this project has been Jeff Nolan (who says sports guys aren't very bright) and he's
put a lot of sweat and tears into this site (no blood, yet).   His efforts along with our tech
guy/engineer  Dave McCrork have produced great results!   It's a nice combo of visual and audio (check out the football preview videos).  I'm looking forward to our
live broadcast of Comment Please by Univest this Tuesday from Sitecats---it's being
catered!  Visit here often---offer up your take and keep listening to AM-1440.

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