The Souderton teachers hit the bricks this morning.  Teachers strikes are few and far between these days when compared to the 70's & 80's.  During these times of economic
distress, it's a tough sell for the teachers to be pushing for improved benefits and higher
salaries.  In a growing district like Souderton, teachers have the priceless benefit of job
security.  I don't understand how they can be 'drawing a line in the sand' now.   If they are
only talking to other teachers in better paying districts, then maybe they the feel they are
being treated unfairly.   They ought to be talking to their neighbors in the Indian Valley
and the parents of the kids in their classrooms (or not in their classrooms).   Of course if
your children are at home instead of school, you might be saying give the teachers what
they want and get them back on the job...the next school board meeting should be

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