Mangan Out

Lansdale's newly seated boro council has bounced longtime boro manager Lee Mangan after 32 yrs in that post.   Mangan was among the more highly paid municipal managers in this area and was not universally loved.   Despite Mangan's success in getting grant money into Lansdale, he's blamed for the community failing to revitalize the downtown area.   I've never heard him called incompetent and he was generally held in high regard among his fellow managers.   But the newly elected council majority made no secret during the campaign that one of their primary objectives was to change the administrative leadership in Lansdale.  Between severance, interim manager and a study of the boro operations, it's going to cost more than a quarter of a million dollars to replace Mangan.   That's a lot of money and pressure for the council to assume as they navigate through this process.   Lansdale will soon see if the elected officials are up to the size-able job of replacing someone with more than 3 decades of experience.  I wish them well or the sake of Lansdale.  I wish Lee well.  He was always accessible to those of us here at WNPV.  I suspect he'll be quite marketable in local government circles.

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