The Rest of the Story?

I'm anxious to hear the details of last week's unfortunate accident where a 15 year old student at Pennridge High School was critically injured when he was struck by an SUV driven by the principal at Pennridge North Middle School.  Police thought it was a hit and run.  But the driver of the car that hit the student, Dr. Kantes had stopped to render assistance to the victim.  But apparently she didn't tell the officers at the scene what she had done.   She then got into her SUV and drove to the school only to call police a short time later.  I can understand some degree of shock by Dr. Kantes.  But I'm hard pressed to comprehend how she didn't offer some kind of information at the scene, or wasn't asked by authorities what she saw.   The young man is out of the hospital and into rehab.   Here's hoping a full recovery is in the cards.   We'll see what the Pennridge police come up with when they complete their investigation and we're told the rest of the story. 

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