Health Care Reform: I don't feel better yet!

The Health Care Reform bill is now passed, so let's see what's in it.   The ramifications of what was done this week will be felt for months, years, decades, ect.  Once established, it's awfully tough to rollback an entitlement, so despite the GOP rhetoric, it think it's here to stay (or until the US goes bankrupt).  I can't begin to comprehend the impact of this legislation, but it seems likely to eventually wind up as single-payer, government run health care.  I'd hate to see that.   Also the process was so corrupt that I can't believe even true believers in the plan can feel good about it.   President Obama promised a new kind of politics in DC, but this legislation is the product of the most vile/partisan/manipulated process that would make Boss Tweed blush.  It might be change, but don't count me as a believer.   A health-care reform package was certainly part of Obama's campaign platform and I think the will of the people.   A bill with the controversial 'public option' could have been passed and I would have said it was the product of the '08 election.   But I can't recongize what was passed as legitimate.  I can't buy into the claim that the end justifies the means.   I try to remain hopeful, but it ain't easy.  Still lawmakers should not be subjected to verbal or physical abuse, just your ire or support at the polls.   Also GOPers are not without some degree of blame as well.  Had they passed some of the incremental measures they've been touting, a decade ago,
perhaps this latest legislative debacle could have been avoided altogether.  But on a positive note,  I'm letting this motivate me to get into better shape.  I'd rather rely on myself to stay well than the politicians to make me better.  

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