No Bail Out!

Congress has delayed a bailout for the folks on Wall Street.   To my surprise, Congress
yesterday rejected the 700 billion dollar proposal and sided with the majority of their
constituents who overwhemlingly told them to ' just say no'.   Cong. Jim Gerlach told me
today on CP by U that his calls were running 12 or 15 to one urging him to vote no.   Hopefully something will emerge that will bring some return to the taxpayers.   One would think McCain and Obama could take the opportunity to push their fiscal agenda.
Both seem small to me and neither impressive during the debate last Friday or as the
crisis has unfolded since.   I await the VP debate to see if Biden or Palin can step to the
plate.   For the time being, I'm stuffing my cash in the mattress and quarters in coffee cans!   

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