And So It Goes....Darryl Berger

10/26/10 Is The Air Coming Out Of The GOP Balloon?   Toomey vs Sestak seems the classic political showdown between liberal and conservative.  If you don’t know who is who, stop reading this and go watch cartoons.   At one point it seemed the GOP had a swift current running its way and that Toomey would win by a comfortable margin.  But at this writing things seem less certain.   Is it the success of the Sestak message that Toomey is a Wall Street insider ready to turn the reigns of government over to big business?  Or is it possible the GOP tidalwave may not develop?   Perhaps it is a little of both.   Voters still hurting from the recession are wary about turning back the clock.   I’m not sure the republicans have done a good enough job defining their vision of where they want to take the country.   They have focused on undoing the Obama agenda, but not talked enough about how they will transform government.   The message lacks vision.   Toomey’s campaign message is that Sestak is dangerously liberal.  But the ‘L’ word seems to have less bite than it once did.   Sestak’s unrelenting message about Toomey being a Wall Streeter seems to have more traction.   Toomey vs Sestak seems too close to call.  It also remains to be seen how strong that Republican-current is on Nov. 2nd.

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