Former School Member Returns To NP Board

The Vacancy on the North Penn School Board has been filled former board member, Joe Sullivan.


Survey: Pa. Voters Cite Education as Top Priority

An Opinion Outreach Survey shows people believe funding for public education in Pennsylvania should be a top priority  to help students and the economy.


Cast Member in Beauty and The Beast Credits Audience

The production of Beauty and The Beast is underway at North Penn High School. One of the cast members is Tyler Ivey. He plays the part of Gaston. Ivey, a senior at North Penn, says, the audience is a big part of the show.

“They really are part of the show, which is why live theater is so great. You get to hear them laugh, you get to hear them gasp. Their reaction is why we do live theater because we’re making people happy. You’re entertaining someone, they’re coming to see you, it’s their night out. So you want to put on  your best show.”

North Penn’s presentation of Beauty and The beast is happening Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with shows starting at 7:30. Ivey was a guest on the AM Edition Thursday morning.

Dept. of Education Investigates Penn State

The accuracy of sex assault reports at Penn State University in State College has the U.S. Department of Education taking a closer look at the reports. The Department notified the university by letter last Thursday of an investigation that it will conduct. A report shows that reported forcible sex offenses increased during the time when the Jerry Sandusky scandal was unfolding in 2011. However, a University report documented 56 forcible sex assaults on campus in 2012, twice the 2011 numbers. The investigation will try to determine if some reports were not accurately reported in an effort to keep the numbers low. The Clery Act, a 1990 law, named after 19-year-old Jeanne Cleary, who was raped and murdered in her campus hall at Lehigh university in 1986, requires colleges and universities to report campus crimes to the Federal Government.

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