Happy New Year!

Let me be the last to wish you a happy 2010!   One of my long list of resolutions was to post more frequent blogs in the new year.   Since today is the 7th of Jan, I'd better get started.  This blog has sort of complimented/promoted what has been going on with
Comment Please by Univest.   However this year I'm going to kick it up a notch and discuss matters of a more wide ranging nature.   People say, "We want more Berger!" (believe it or not) and this will be the place to quench that thirst.   I'm even going to post about great places to travel, eat or play golf (not all at the same time). So here I will relate my darkest fears and most soaring ambitions---you will not be able to resist spending some quality time with the Berger Blog each and everyday!

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