Kennedy Seat Goes GOP

There are lessons to be learned in the fallout of this week's Scott Brown victory in the Mass. US Senate race.   One is that the GOP shouldn't crow too loudly.   This win coupled with republican wins in NJ and Virginia are a sure sign that people are deeply concerned about the direction of the country.   Blame the President, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.  Blame health-care reform, stimulus or wall street bailouts.   But this is not a 'D' or 'R' thing---it's an 'I' thing.  Independent voters didn't like Bush and aren't liking the direction of the current administration.  It's amusing to hear the spin that Brown's win was the result of poor communication about health-care.   It's the stubborn thought that voters just don't get it.   The problem is that voters just don't want it!   At least not this version of reform and not the process that's been used to move it along.   Barrack Obama has not lived up to his pledge to transform politics as usual.   His bunch has practised the old style Chi-town politics which is not trans-formative.   The 'D's better watch their P&Qs or the 'I's will toss them to the curb in November.   It seems this week's result could have a big PA ripple and might even filter down to congressional races locally in the 13th and 8th districts.  I would think Patrick Murphy wise to pay particular attention, especially if  Mike Fitzpatrick is the opponent.   I haven't seen Murphy do anything the administration didn't want him to do and that could put the 8th district seat right back into play.

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