Now What?

After reading/listening/watching the spin following last week's Scott Brown senate victory, I'm wondering what President Obama does now?  One issue is that Obama has never been in an executive position and he's never had to exert the leadership qualities needed to forward his agenda.  No one knows if he even has that skill set.   Another political mis-calculation was the read on the mandate of the '08 election.  People definitely wanted change, but not the hard move to the left/ big government move the administration took.  Bush was perceived as incompetent and not in-touch with the people.   Voters were looking for a change from the partisan with hopes government could work the way it's supposed to work.   Trying to overhaul health-care and then turning the overhaul over the liberals heading up the senate and house was a huge mistake.  Obama had a paper-thin resume coming into this job, now we find out if he's even remotely capable of handling it. 

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