Mr. President

Barack Obama today became the 44th President of these United States.   Within my lifetime a black man might have been strung up for daring to drink from a 'whites only' fountain in certain parts of this country.   Now the son of an African father and Kansas born white woman holds the highest office in the land.  Regardless of how you voted in November, there should be a sense of pride in what took place today.   As screwed up as our system is, the peaceful transfer of power from one party to another should always evoke civic pride.  I thought today's speech was not his best, but as I observed on today's 'Comment Please by Univest', "he's got the gig, so it matters less if he hit one out of the rhetoric ballpark".  Now comes the hard part.  Obama has to turn around the economy, move our foriegn policy in a new direction and keep us safe at home.  For someone who has a paper-thin list of governmental accomplishments, we will only now find out if he is actually up to the job.  I hope he is.   Hold on to your hat, we're going somewhere and we'll see if we head in the right direction!

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