Bucks DA's Race

The Bucks County DA's race is shaping up to be the most interesting race during this off-year election.   I've hosted R-Gary Gambarella and D-Chris Asplen on 'Comment Please by Univest' in recent weeks.   Judge David Heckler is expected to step down from the bench
on Friday and set the stage for a possible GOP primary.   Gambarella told me he would stay in the race with or without the party endorsement and he realizes he's not likely to get it.   Certainly party leaders want to avoid a hard fought primary, so they are likely to try to entice Gambarella to drop out.   I hope he stays in.   It would liven up the primary season and give GOP voters a choice between a life long prosecutor and someone who's been elected to the state house and state senate before joining the court.  In Bucks County, DA's traditionally become judges, not the other way around.   Without much in the way of high profile races, the Bucks DA showdown might be the most interesting contest on the local political front in '09.

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